Digitising standards & workflow design.
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Digitisation of collection objects has become a vital part of effective collection management for cultural institutions worldwide. Digitisation facilitates better preservation of valuable collection objects while enabling dramatically increased access through online publication.

Digitising technologies have evolved rapidly over the past ten to fifteen years and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. This can make it very difficult for collection managers to ensure that current digitising practices will result in digital objects that will meet future needs, and to choose when and how to implement new technologies and methodologies.

Added to the issues of digitisation is the fact that many cultural collection objects are now ‘born digital’, creating issues of how to preserve their accessibility as computers, storage and display systems change over time.

Handfield & Bell brings a multidisciplinary experience of more than thirty years in analogue and digital imaging to the area of digitisation. This experience includes hands-on production techniques as well as extensive experience in systems design, technology integration, training and support. Through the effective implementation of digitising standards, and integrated workflows, we enable our clients to improve the quality, consistency and productivity of their digitising projects.