Digitising standards & workflow design.
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Handfield and Bell improves the quality, consistency and productivity of the digitisation of cultural collection objects for leading cultural institutions.

We offer:

Digitising standards
The development of digitising standards for all types of collection objects and for all applications of the resulting digital files, such as: preservation, publication and the Internet.

Metadata forms an integral part of the digitising standards so that the necessary information for quality control is included as part of the file metadata, making it possible to verify the quality of a digital object at any time in the future by reference to embedded metadata.

Workflow design
Creation of workflow processes customised to each individual client organisation’s needs. The workflows are designed to minimise duplication of effort and wherever possible to automate repetitive processes.

We integrate digitising standards and workflows with collection management systems used to manage collection objects, and the digital asset management and content management systems that are used to deliver content for publication and web sites.

We provide comprehensive training in all aspects digitising workflows and can assist with staff selection and skills assessment.

Project management
Digitising projects can involve the digitisation of tens or hundreds of thousands of collection objects over prolonged periods. Our digitising standards and workflows ensure that the project goals are met from the commencement of the project. Our project management services, provide the independent monitoring and support to ensure that the goals continue to be met for the life of the project.

Colour management
Colour management forms the foundations of all our work in the creation and deployment of digitising standards. Our profiling of digital cameras sets a new benchmark for precision and repeatability. We offer colour management profiling, setup and support services of all types of imaging devices, including digital cameras, scanners, displays, colour printers, colour proofers and printing presses.

Equipment certification
Testing and certification of equipment such as lighting, digital cameras, scanners, printers, workstations, imaging software and displays to ensure their suitability for use in digitising workflows. Handfield & Bell is completely independent of any hardware or software vendors. This means that we can be objective when helping our clients to define equipment needs and we can assist in the preparation and management of tender or RFQ processes. We also have the tools and processes to objectively assess the quality of outsourced digitising services.